College Leadership

The following individuals serve as the leadership of Hope College.

2023–2024 Board of Trustees

2023 Hope College Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Stephen Boerigter, Chair
    Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • Dr. Matthew Wixson, Vice-Chair
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Mr. Matthew Scogin, President
    Holland, Michigan
  • Mrs. Sandra Gaddy, Secretary
    Caledonia, Michigan
  • Reverend Eddy Aleman
    Caledonia, Michigan
  • Ms. Victoria Brunn
    Seattle, Washington
  • Dr. Llena Chavis
    Holland, Michigan
  • Mr. Thomas Gordon
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Reverend Dr. Nathan Hart
    Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Mrs. Debbi Jarvis
    Potomac, Maryland
  • Mrs. Lisa Joldersma
    Washington, D.C.
  • Mr. Timothy Long
    Ada, Michigan
  • Mr. James McFarlin
    Champaign, Illinois
  • Mr. Andrew Ohm
    Seattle, Washington
  • Mrs. Laura Paredes
    Old Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Dr. David Paul
    Rochester, New York
  • Dr. Jeanne Petit
    Holland, Michigan
  • Reverend Michael Pitsenberger
    Rock Valley, Iowa
  • Mrs. Leslie Schoon-Monday
    Kirkland, Washington
  • Dr. Edward Jonathan Soderstrom
    Madison, Connecticut
  • Rt Reverend Eugene Sutton
    Baltimore, Maryland
  • Ms. Carol VanAndel
    Ada, Michigan
  • Mr. Timothy VandeBunte
    Holland, Michigan
  • Mr. Brett VanderKamp
    Holland, Michigan
Operating Committee

The college’s operation committee meets weekly to address matters affecting the college community. In addition to making decisions regarding policy, procedure and resources, the operating committee ensures that Hope College fulfills its mission and makes progress on the strategic plan.

President’s Cabinet

The cabinet provides primary leadership support for strategic priorities and initiatives. Its purpose is to separate strategic planning from operations. The cabinet functions as an advisory board to shape the spiritual climate of our campus, form our workplace culture, and ensure alignment with campus-wide initiatives and strategy. The cabinet also serves to enhance communications within the college community.

Administrative Structure